mental / emotional stress manifests

as physical health challenges.

Let’s take power & authority over that!

So you can get on with life!

STOP STRUGGLING! Discover how to partner with your body and achieve results.

I help Christian women who:

  • Are ready for a better way of life
  • Want to explore natural ways to get there
  • Have tried every DIEt, exercise fad, and "health trend" out there STILL experiencing frustrating symptoms
  • Feel emotionally weighted but not sure how to put the weight down or what life looks like moving forward
  • Are sick of doing 'all the right things' and getting NOWHERE fast

Sister, those “big girl panties” will never be big enough to get you through life in the fast lane alone! Nope, not how we’re designed…….You need a partner!

And I'm your girl!

Together, lets shift this challenge into meaningful change.
I am here to offer you something different to get a different result!

What you are experiencing emotionally is impacting you physically.
You are 3 simple steps away from creating meaningful change in your life.




Schedule your DISCOVERYou session to DISCUSS where you are versus where you desire to be, DISCOVER what lies in the difference, and DESIGN how to make it work FOR you! You’ll gain great insight into what’s REALLY going on and how my unique approach is truly YOUR something different to get a different result!

The world desperately needs the gifts God has entrusted to you.

What would it look like if you applied the freedom you have in Christ to EVERY area of your life!

Can you picture it?

It’s time to embrace all God has for you, Sister! Time to live fully engaged and on PURPOSE…Let’s do this!

What I offer to help guide your journey...

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About Your Guide

Lisa Mull – Mind-Body Health Specialist

Struggling with neck issues from a childhood injury, burnout from a high-strung personality, lack of stress management skills, a tired thyroid, years of yo-yo dieting, emotional/binge eating, plus trying to lose that same extra 40 lbs

I was one hot mess!

Thankfully, my state of hot mess-ness brought me to a place of personal shift. Through my own journey, I developed a passion for a gentler, more effective approach that works WITH a woman’s design to restore health and harmony!

What people are saying

Mia SLEPT!! She doesn’t sleep— and hasn’t slept in a long time. She’s calmer, happier— less emotional highs and lows already!!” Mia told me that very day that she felt happier, the sadness was mostly gone.
Mia & Conner
From our first meeting, I felt totally comfortable with Lisa and what I heard about her methods to realign mind-body health.  Lisa's spirituality, kindness, compassion and loving nature all contribute to making her a gifted healer.
Dora Vela
I'm able to manage stress now.  Thank you, Lisa, for taking the time to invest in people. I'm so glad that you're part of my healing journey's story.
Zoe Martin
I’ve been seeing Lisa for the last few months... I have been greatly pleased with the progress in my healing. She is very knowledgeable and very thorough. Also love that she looks at things from a Spiritual aspect as well as physical, emotional and mental.
Kallee McCown
Lisa is just a wealth of information at your fingertips! She worked with our daughter on anxiety issues and some troublesome health and pain issues in her body. From one year to the next was a dramatic difference after implementing the suggestions and tips that Lisa had given us!
Lisa’s down to earth, laid back approach on eating and living well motivates me to be more attentive to what I eat and how it affects me. Her presentation of the amount of sugar in ordinary, everyday things was so eye opening and created a 'wow' moment. I will remember that for a long time!
Linda Martin

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Whether my part is to present a dynamic talk or workshop series specifically designed for your group, I promise your audience will find our time together compelling and delightfully inspiring!

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