Lisa Mull, Certified SHAPE Practitioner

Our Frenemy…

Sugar triggers the pleasure center of the brain- like cocaine & heroine, sex, socializing, etc. Reward CRAVES reward.

Dopamine doesn’t level out with sugar or drugs, like it does with food.  Overactivation > > lose control, increased tolerance to sugar!

Serotonin boosts mood. Constant overactivation depletes supply >> cranky, crave sugar, depression.

What’s a Sugar Addict to do??

The addiction cycle is tough: Binge, Withdrawal, Crave, Cross-Sensitization takes 2-3 weeks to flip the switch on sugar sugar burning to fat burning. Takes at least that long to begin dopamine signaling reversal. Be intentional & patient!

Increase: protein intake regularly, hydration, dopamine & serotonin-rich foods, good carbs, magnesium & D3, omegas, sea salt, sunshine,                 exercise, laughter, creativity, love, fun, stress reduction, relaxation, speak/think LIFE!

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NOT just bad for our waistline…


High levels of sugar negatively impacts:

* Our gut. One of the WORST offenders to bacterial harmony (healthy gut flora)! Creates metabolic dysfunction…


* Our brain (cognitively & psychologically). Insulin resistance >> Impairs memory & learning skills. Alzheimer’s referred to as Type 3 Diabetes!

*Our adrenal glands! Affects energy, sleep, allergies, weight, thyroid, libido and more!

80% of disease is lifestyle-related and sugar plays a large part!!