Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

“Are you showing up for life?”

Well, are you … Living life NOW? Or, are you WAITING UNTIL you lose some weight BEFORE you:

  • Shop for clothes
  • Consider dating
  • Feel good enough
  • Wear a bikini
  • Eat dessert in public
  • Ask for that raise
  • Find your voice
  • Forgive yourself
  • Love your body
  • Let yourself enjoy food, friends, fun, fashion, you?

If you’re putting off living your life fully engaged, your time for a personal shift might just be NOW!

As an Eating Psychology/Mind-Body Health Coach, I help you discover the Why’s & How’s to love yourself where you are right NOW so you can LIVE into your personal BEST!

My thoughtful & uniquely personalized approach is for you, if you have struggled with any form of self-doubt, worth, body/weight hate, enoughness, perfectionism, food & eating anxiety/confusion, or chronic dieting.


Because I get it. I get you. Much of my life has been spent in such struggle. Waaaay too much time lost over the years worrying about measuring up, saying no, accepting me, and paying dearly as a member of the DIEt Cult.

Start with a DISCOVERYou Session experience and we will go from there!