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Nature’s Sunshine

Even though I’m not one to be heavy on the supplement side of things in general, there is DEFINITELY a time and place for them! When your system (healthy function) is so depleted that it would take 14 bowls of broccoli a day to get the nutrients needed to support your healing and healthy function, well, a supplement does just that… it SUPPLEMENTS your dietary intake of those nutrients so your body can reBUILD foundationally to support the return of optimal health and function!

Why Nature’s Sunshine? History. Reputation. Quality. Purity. The main source of supplementation I have personally and professionally utilized to support the return of healthy function comes from this company. You have so many options with this company, and I help you determine what would be the most supportive based on your concerns and goals!



Fullscript makes it easy to choose reputable brands of supplements that support your health and wellness goals— all at a discounted price within an easy-to-search catalog! And now, as your practitioner, protocols are being listed from which you can browse and create your own (or with my help) personalized regimen of support!



Welcome to BlackOxygen Organics. The missing link to optimal health.

You are going to love how you feel using the BlackOxygen organic product. Better Health, Performance, Productivity & much more.



Touchstone Essentials

We didn’t start out thinking of ourselves as rebels. But it turns out that demanding organic, clean, natural ingredients for supplements is a revolutionary act.



There are other companies’ products I sometimes use when formulating a full plan of action with clients, but they require a practitioner such as myself to access and order for you. Feel free to inquire!

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