Release, Receive, Reset… RECLAIM!

Are you ready to make an exchange… To release the old to be free to receive the new? Say YES to you, YES to letting go of what no longer serves you well, and YES to embracing your healthy wholeness!

Lymph fluid more than doubles in volume compared to arterial blood. The workload of the lymph system is massive as it cleans up toxins/wastes from EVERY cell in the body, transports fatty acids from the intestines and nutrients to the cells, and supports regulation of the immune system and more. THIS VITAL SYSTEM CAN BECOME CONGESTED & CLOGGED…

With the chronic stressors such as mental overload, emotional havoc, nutrient-deficient intake and chemical-laden environmental exposure, we’ve become residents of our own toxic waste dump! Science proves that such stress causes an acidic state in the body that ALTERS BIOCHEMISTRY and leads to a SLUGGISH LYMPHATIC STATE. This toxic congestion is obvious considering chronic struggles such as:

  • Painful muscles, joints, and tissues
  • Puffy eyes, tummy, legs, “kankles”
  • Low energy or high fatigue
  • Stubborn excess weight
  • Lumpy/bumpy booty &/or thighs
  • Icky recurrent sinus issues
  • Troubling digestion &/or elimination
  • Stressy nature &/or chronically stressful life
  • Feeling somewhat stuck or stifled emotionally

Holistic MLD | Lymphatic Release BodyWork supports the body’s release of toxic emotional and physical congestion!

Never underestimate the power of unresolved emotional hurts & traumas and the effects of chronic stress & living life in the fast lane on the physical state of your health- they affect and connect at the cellular level!

The wonderful news is… Your body is capable of SO MUCH MORE than what you’ve been led to believe! Lymphatic Release Body Work sets the stage for you to RELEASE, RECEIVE, and RESET on EVERY level as you journey to health. RELEASE is where healing begins, so you are free to RECEIVE the level of health your body is capable of living!

The Lymphatic System…. An amazing system that deserves some attention!

Like a garbage truck, the lymphatic system hauls away the trash from every cell, transports oxygen and other vital nutrients, and plays a MAJOR role in gut, circulatory, brain, and immune health and function. Congestion in this key system is common due to factors such as modern conveniences, sedentary lifestyles, desk and traveling jobs, toxic overload from environmental, pharmaceutical, pseudo-food, and chronic stress-induced chemicals.

The result of this toxic congestion is the “new normal” of chronic illness and suffering, and the ever-growing development and rates of some of the deadliest “dis-eases” of our time. Take care of YOU… Get your lymphatic system moving and learn how to support your lymphatic health. Book your LyFT Lymphatic Release BodyWork session today!

Manual Lymph Drainage

wHolistic MLD is “supraficial” lymphatic-focused, evidence-based technique with proven outcomes! Your practitioner is vastly trained in the anatomy & physiology of the lymphatic system as well as functional & healing relationship aspects with the immune, gut-immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, integumentary, urinary, and brain systems.

** Includes Infrared Sauna Therapy

Lisa, a Certified Holistic MLD Practitioner with years of training & experience, cannot wait to serve you!